Writing on Movement.


The Actor and His Body by Litz Pisk, introduction by Ayse Tashkiran 2017 Bloomsbury, Methuen

 A new edition of a seminal actor movement book by Litz Pisk was given a contextual introduction that traces Litz’s developing practice from Vienna to London, and through her work at  RADA, Old Vic Theatre School and Central.  First hand accounts of her classes are described in detail by actors and movement directors.


British Movement Directors by Ayse Tashkiran in The Routledge Companion to Jacques Lecoq, edited by Rick Kemp and Mark Evans, Abingdon; Routledge, 2016.

Chapter 25 analyses the influence of Lecoq training on movement directors at the National Theatre - tracing a line from Claude Chagrin to the present day

Photo by Helen Maybanks@RSC

Photo by Helen Maybanks@RSC

FOrthcoming Movement Directors in Contemporary Theatre: Conversations on craft by Ayse Tashkiran 2019 Bloomsbury, Methuen

This new edition will be a collection of in-depth interviews with leading movement directors and theatre choreographers